Four years and counting

cuatro Last night I spent some time talking to a fellow UCLA graduate student. He called after reading my post regarding Saturday’s game. Then we complained bit about our respective programs — as all graduate students do. He then asked me a few questions regarding my blog and how I feel so comfortable baring what many people would consider very personal information.

I answered that my blog has evolved to the point where most of the truly personal stuff never gets posted and remains scribbled in one of many paper journals hidden from everyone’s eyes except my own.

I told him that I started Lotería Chicana about four years ago in November 2001. Most of what I wrote then were the kind of things I now write in my paper journal, away from everyone’s eyes except my own. It wasn’t like that when I started.

grad school update
11.07.01 // 11:43 a.m.

I’m gonna leave L.A. and escape to the Bay Area. I’m tired of the smog, traffic and the LA-ness of this place. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I need to get out for a few years… perfect excuse to go to grad school in Berkeley (or San Diego). In other news, the Diamondbacks rock!

Okay, perhaps my first post is not a good example. But if you go back to 2001 and 2002 you’ll find that I’ve changed since November 2001. As expected, this blog has changed in more than just location, appearance, name and topics. The biggest change for me has been in developing a sense of community through Blogotitlán.

I value this space greatly because it has given me the chance to write without having to answer a particular question, thinking of grades, nor what journal article/book I need to cite to back up a certain point. Instead, I think of the people who read this and what would entertain them. In many ways, I am still thinking of the reader as an evaluator. I also realized I cite other people’s work and shun plagiarism, but rather than do it in APA format, I just link to fellow blogeros y blogeras.

Most of all, this space has been most important for me simply to use my words and get better feedback than I have ever received on a paper.

Happy blog birthday to me.

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  1. Happy Blog Birthday to you!! 🙂

    I know what you mean. I’ve had an OD at since December 2001. . almost four years for me as well. I have 1300+ entries, where only about 400 are public. HA!

    I’ve been debating for awhile if I should go public or not. I like my OD security that I have. I have a friend who has pestered me non-stop to start a blog. . .I think he’s convincing me slowly but surely! 🙂

    Well congrats on the four years and I wish you many more!!

  2. It should be Happy Blog Birthday to those of us who have the privledge in sharing in your talent. In true indigenista fashion, it is you who give the gifts, on your blog birthday and every other day you decide to share your insights. Saludos, your new anonymous graduate student friend.

  3. happy birthday, lotería chicana!

    cindy, do you ever miss the days of public privacy? i’ve only had my weblog for a little over a year, but already i conceal more things than i may have in the beginning. i keep the highly confidential stuff as word documents- i love handwritten journals, but i can type out thoughts so much faster! i still share things that are pretty personal, but ever since i realized that little eyes were reading my words, things have changed- and that’s really only a few friends. i can’t imagine knowing that family or people with whom i have professional connections were reading.. but here you are, still entertaining us lucky, nosey bastards after all these years. ;-P

    thank you much for doing so.

  4. Felicidades, Cindy, on your blog birthday! I didn’t know there was a Blogotitlán site. I think that’s a great idea. As far as the direction of your blog, I think it’s taking it’s own shape as you change yourself. Perhaps, the Loteria Chicana of 2001 wanted to voice her personal view as means to express those feelings you couldn’t do it in person. Maybe the Loteria Chicana of 2005 feels the need to receed from the personal for the moment, let those feelings, ideas and thoughts gel for a bit on paper–perhaps, not seeing its HTML equivalent at all. It’s all up to you and how you grow.

    I would love for this Blogotitlán community to help it’s blogeros grow as people, as educators, as hermano/as. Everyone will find their voz, estilo, and their mark. However, I’d lover for all blogeros to trust each other in their feelings and ideas–and give that constructive feedback and support we need.

    I know I need it now.

  5. Happy 4th B-day to Loteria Chicana!! I do appreciate your thoughts and your pictures. It makes me want to get a nice digital camera and scanner and post private thoughts and photos too. I think we censor what we say in real life way too much. Here in Bloggworld, I can divulge things I only think about it. Well…sometimes. I still have some dark secrets still hidden.

  6. Felicidades!

    your blog was one of the first I found myself reading on a regular basis when I learned about blogs and started blogging myself. I love the forum provides. Coincidentally, I started reading some of the back issues of Loteria Chicana last month. It’s fun to see how much the site has evolved.

    Happy Blog Bday! And to many more…

  7. Felicidades en tu Blog Day!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dreams, and your life with us!

    Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

  8. I’m glad I found your blog. It’s way cool to be able to read the thoughts of a smart chicana. If HP wasn’t so jealous I would also offer you a birthday kiss. Keep up the good work!

  9. CAD,
    I actually have another diaryland blog that very few people know about. It’s password protected now and only a few people know the password.

    El Grito,
    Thanks. Hopefully everybody gains something from reading/writing here. That would be wonderful.

    Most of my real-life friends don’t read this regularly. My parents don’t even know about this space and my siblings don’t visit too often. The thing that’s weird to me though is when I talk about something, say my trip to the Botanical Gardens yesterday and everyone already knows I went and has seen the pictures too. Actual dialogue about what’s up in my life is welcome too.

    Thanks for reading.

    I wanted to do Ethnic Studies as of 2 years ago, and then I changed my mind. I still enjoy it, though.

    Hopefully we are already helping each other grow. I don’t think people here realize how much inspiration you guys give me to keep on doing the whole grad school thing even when I’m hating it. Constructive feedback and even criticism is important. Hopefully we’ve all been bien educados by are parents and elders about how to do this.


    Do you ever wonder how people would react if they knew your every thought? I do… scary!

    Thanks! By the way, your gravatar is gorgeous.

    De nada.

    I’m glad to know I can inspire someone thousands of miles away.

    I don’t think a kiss is appropriate for a blog birthday. But if it is, I’ll ask el Venado for one. He’ll be glad to oblige.

    Who cares if HP gets jealous, I’m scared of Sonia. Eek.


    I don’t know how many more there will be, but it’s been good thus far.a

  10. Happy belated blog birthday. Sorry I’m late to the party … it’s me trying to be Mexican agan. 😉 I have a feeling, at least I dearly hope, that I’ll still be reading your thoughts decades down the road.

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