mil palabras: siempre cantando

El músico (Pomona, California)

When I was about 6 years old, my dad got out his guitar and made me learn a Mexican song with him. He translated the words and explained their meanings. All I wanted to do was play, but wasn’t as resistant as little Selena in the movie. I thought it was cool that my dad was teaching me something and that I’d be singing in a talent show.

The show came and went. I sang in front of a big audience in a white dress with blue trim. I looked muy Mexicana. I sang some Ramón Ayala song. I think it was Bonita Finca de Adobe… o Vestida de Color de Rosa. Danny, my older brother, sang in a brown traje de charro. I don’t know what he sang, but it was probably a ranchera. It was the start of several years of enjoying being in front of a crowd to entertain.

I have an affinity for people with musical talents. They remind me of the people I love the most, my family, and of countless memories where the only thing I can remember is the song we were singing, playing or dancing to.

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  1. i love singing and playing with friends and family.. i think i’ve mentioned before that i have some great childhood (and post-childhood) memories associated with music, especially as regards my dad. i get a knowledge and love of harmonies from him.

    i’m just coming out of a years-long stint of not singing for/in front of anybody. i stopped doing it out of fear, really. it’s something i love so much, and a voice is an instrument that is more fundamentally you than anything you can pick up and play, so putting that out there for people can make you vulnerable in a way. i was doing it for a while, and had all these people say very positive things, but one bad experience with someone close to me lashing out and hitting me where he knew it would hurt kind of shocked me into the protection of privacy for a long time. it’s only since i’ve moved here that i’ve been coming out of it. a friend noticed when we were in the car listening to music one day, and has steadily encouraged me to abandon my nervousness. she tends to put me on the spot, which both doesn’t help and does. i think the more i share it, the more confident i get.. wow, what a ramble. point was, being able to do that again has made me very happy. simple pleasures. =)

  2. I love people that can sing as well. i lack the talent very badly, so anyone that can carry a note is amazing to me!

    sing us a song!

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