On dressing up

I love the reactions I get when I wear a skirt.

“Why are you all dressed up?”

“You look nice today.”

“Where are you going?”

I don’t know why wearing a skirt shocks people. I love wearing skirts. I happen to like my legs, even if they are rather pale. I don’t like wearing shorts unless it’s for working out, which is probably the reason I don’t own shorts. If I want a relief from the summer heat, a skirt is my best bet.

Funny thing is, I hardly ever dress up for a particular reason or because I’m trying to impress someone. My reasons are usually: it’s getting near laundry day and I’m out of clean pairs of jeans; it’s too hot to wear pants and I need to wear something; they’re in my closet, so why the hell not?

Still, I hate the feeling of being dressed up and having no place to go. That happened a few weeks ago after the MEChA de UCLA Raza Graduation. I wore a cute new dress for the graduation because I had to as one of the alumni name readers. After the graduation I just went home. Too bad. Next time I get dressed up, it better be worth it.

6 thoughts on “On dressing up”

  1. Dress up for yourself first, you are more than worth it — those little things you do for yourself add up to more things you can do for others.

    The idea of doing something for one’s self was almost a sin when I grew up, but now I know better!

  2. I -love- dressing up. Fixing my hair, wearing cute skirts/dresses and pretty eyeliner. I get weird looks from my coworkers when i do, but they just chalk it up to my “unique” style. Whenever i dress nice, i’m always in such a good mood! 🙂

  3. Because of where I work, (SeanJohn) it’s hard not to get out of my element… So sometimes I change it up by wearing things i’d NEVER wear and thus a different comment comes about each time. I think this change is good for both our ego and self esteem. It’s nice to hear that we look good/different and people notice it.

    Now, who doesn’t love a girl in a skirt?? 🙂

  4. I agree with Joe, you should post a picture. Some of us are visual learners and need the extra help….

  5. Its always a nice feeling to do something for yourself. Something that makes you feel good. The problems is todays society is quick to judge. the question “why”?, is always the culprit. “Just because” doesnt seem to have any authority anymore. The idea that someone just wants to wear a descent skirt or dress nice makes those that have fallen into the “dress down” ideaology demand to know “Why”? Maybe you should dress nce more often. Spark a trend for todays ladies, let them know that its okay to look nice……for themselves. Good for you

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