Lost and forgotten

As usual, treatment need to get back to some huge family gathering. I sent my dad the following email yesterday afternoon. I thought he might be amused.

They lost my clothes!

Well, adiposity not really but the plane was really tiny and apparently all the luggage didn’t fit. It probably didn’t help that I was one of the last people to check in and got to the gate 3 minutes before they started boarding.

I have to wait until tomorrow to get clean chonis and stuff. At least I have my toothbrush and camera. I just had clothes in the suitcase, pilule I guess it’s not that bad. The worst thing isn’t that it happened, but I felt that it might happen and thought to myself that I should pack a pair of chonis, clean socks, bra and tshirt in my carryon bag in case this happened. But I didn’t. D’oh!

your jet-setting daughter

As with all my travels, I’m always doing things at the last minute. It was about 11 when I got to the airport and I had a 12:40 flight. Oops.

The plane really was tiny. I don’t think it fit more than 60 or 70 people. I’m short, but even I felt like the ceiling was way too low. The aisle was narrow and one side was one seat and the other two seats. I seriously thought I was going to have some sort of panic attack because I hate tiny, enclosed spaces. But I survived and took a nap with Ozo, the monkey, as my pillow.

My clothes arrived earlier than I expected at 2:30 am today. I opened the door to the room where I was staying with my tia Angeles and found my suitcase. Cool. Clean clothes!

I didn’t tell my dad that I was more upset about forgetting to bring my 256 mb memory stick for my camera. It’s at home in my laptop. All I have is a small 16 mb memory stick. I can take 24 pictures. I’ll try to make them good.

3 thoughts on “Lost and forgotten”

  1. yay! i’m glad you got your suitcase 🙂 heehee, that plane is about the same size as the planes I fly in! so I can relate to how claustrophobic you must have felt. Can’t wait to see which pictures make the final cut, hope you’re having a good time.

  2. I believe that I would of panicked more because of the memory card instead of the plane. LOL I’ve been on a couple of those two engine planes where like 15 people fit and you feel EVERYTHING. Not good, but statistically speaking i’ll get hit by a car before something ever happens to me in a plane.

    Being in your situation i’d be looking for a place to buy another memory card. 🙂
    It’ll certainly be interesting to see which pictures make the cut.

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