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Next time I complain that I’m overwhelmed with all I have to do, just tell me to shut up.

My advisor is right, I do get everything I ask for, which probably isn’t a good thing. Thanks to my good luck in getting what I want, I know have to deal with being a full time student, having two jobs adding up to about 30 hours a week, and serving as the external vice president for the graduate students association. Now, that’s just the formal stuff. I still want to have a social life with my family, significant other, friends and have time to take the dog out for a walk. Phew.

¡Se me olvidó! Somewhere in all those formal and social activities, I also want to be able to write on a couple of blogs and read others’ thoughts and opinions.

Puro Pedo Magazine, October 2006 Puro Pedo Magazine - November Issue Puro Pedo Magazine, December 2006

I recently added one more thing, I’m a writer (plus distributor and fundraiser!) for a Chicano satire magazine, Puro Pedo Magazine. I was asked to join late in the summer and just contributed my first article for the third issue. The first two issues have been great, but it’s a small operation and the philosophy from the editor and the rest of the PP collective is that we want to remain autonomous (following the lead of the Zapatistas) and not solicit advertisements. However, we also want to give the magazines away since we believe information — and satire — should be free.

So yeah, that means we not only have to think about bringing cultural/political satire to the masses in a way that will make them pee their chonis, we also have to find a way to stay afloat without digging in to our own anorexic bank accounts.

Right now, Puro Pedo has concentrated on print distribution, but we’re also working on getting a PDF version out for the December issue. That way, you all can read it, decide you love it and donate some of your hard earned dollars.

For more information on Puro Pedo Magazine, check out the MySpace page. If you want to know about donations or have other questions, email us.

8 thoughts on “Puro Pedo Magazine”

  1. Sounds like a good project, there is definitely a need for more humor in Chicano circles so this magazine seems like it’ll be much appreciated. Any idea where one can find a copy? I bet they have it over at IMIX books, they usually have all the good stuff. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. here comes another issue of Super Cindylu. xingon work you are doing, can’t wait for the pdf to come out. Much respect and love for the autonomous PP collective!!! (Hey, if you want people to submit stuff, let me know.)

  3. Hey Cindylu! You know what a small world it is? a kid from santa barbara writes for PP. He’s a freshman at CSUN, i met him over the summer, and then i saw him on the PP myspace. hehe, I feel you on the always getting what I ask for, and i need to stop complaining about all the work I have to do. But anyway, good luck on your finals, or whatever work you have to do this week.

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