Puro Pedo #3 is here!

For those of you who can’t stop by the CSUN Chicano Lounge, try Community Programs Office at UCLA or local businesses like Antigua Cultural Cafe in El Sereno or Nahu Ollin in Echo Park Puro Pedo Magazine can now be found online.

Click the cover image above or click here for a copy of the December issue pdf.


For more information on Puro Pedo, email us at puropedomagazine@yahoo.com

5 thoughts on “Puro Pedo #3 is here!”

  1. I love the name of the mag.

    I was trying to think whether a magazine called “Pure Fart” would be read. Of course, I know that the meaning is not the same. Maybe “All the Shit”? “Farting Around”?

    Suerte with the new online version.

  2. hey great job! I already told Ray I can offer free copy-editing for you guys if you want; no need to hire me. I did it professionally for about four years. just let me know!

    hey I’m sitting here at Antigua Cafe y no hay copias–did they all run out or you haven’t made it out here yet? the folks here say they’ve never seen it. que onda? I had to look at the pdf.

    boludos vs. huevones jajaja!

    cutout razabilly–nice touch: chicana falsa book

    I wouldn’t say the mencia/menso piece was incoherent, but maybe it needed some more satire. BUT, i liked this:
    “I got one word for you…token. It should be no surprise that one of the quickest way to become successful as a person of color in this country, is to re-affirm the stereotype that white supremacists created…. You are successful because you have now given mainstream
    “validity” to racial stereotypes on television mamon! I can just see it in the minds of ignorant people everywhere, “hey, if Mencia can call a Latino a wetback, it must be o.k.” In case you haven’t realized it, you have nothing but a pinche minstrel show…the only difference is that you
    don’t need to put on the brown make-up before the show cabron.”

    no doubt.

    one complaint: why you gotta hate on lil kim? how many licks is the JAM! 😉

  3. I just read the recent one for the first time and I too enjoyed it alot. I am going to forward it to some of my more liberal friends at work (Hugo, and others). The Richards part was freaken hilarious. Whoever did that piece needs to write more of your other pieces…and whoever did the Mencia piece needs to get fired, that guy made no sense IMO…especially considering the fact that Mencia grew up in East LA, Latin America, and speaks Spanish, something many Chicano Studies students I know can’t claim, german or otherwise.

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