So predictable

I’m becoming too predictable.

The lineup for this year’s Coachella Valley Music Festival (April 27-29) was released this past weekend. Once again, I scanned the lineup list and drooled at the thought of seeing bands I hadn’t seen in years and seeing others live for the first time.

Rage! Julieta! Ozomatli! Manu Chao!

And then I realized that I’d probably skip the event again despite that some of my favorite bands will be performing. If I take my qualifying exams in the spring, I can’t afford to spend a day or two or three in the desert. My cousin is getting married in April, but I can’t remember what day. Tickets are expensive, it’s hot, the festival is expensive, I get antsy in big crowds, and did I mention that the festival is in the middle of the desert?

The two good things that came out of the Coachella line up release are the possibility of seeing Rage Against the Machine play a live show outside the festival and my introduction to Rodrigo y Gabriela (myspace). Say all you want about the evils of MySpace, but you can’t deny that it’s a great way to check out a new band.

11 thoughts on “So predictable”

  1. You don’t know HOW much i’m considering a trip to LA just for coachella. Seriously. My best friends brother use to do it when he was going to med school out here, so i figure, hey, if he did it, then i can too. Only probblem is Coachella is the weekend before mylast week of classes (BAH) so I have a paper or two due right before or right after. With careful time management and planning, I may be able to get myself out there for the weekend. YEY. (but probably not. Hey, a girl can dream right?)

  2. I’m still recieving “can you believe it? Have you heard?”, etc. emails from friends and people who just know about my “Rage days”. With Manu Chao on the bill, the same evening, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to deal with the surplus of excitement. I think I’ll have to meditate to compose myself before the performances. Or, I could just say “screw it” and let my adrenaline take over my body. Hahaha…I’m sure i’ll be hysterical, that’s usually how my excitement translates. Take care amiga…!

  3. Although I live only about 1 hour from Coachella, I only go outta my way to go to the “Tamale Festival” in December…..They have every Tamale you can possibly think of.

  4. I agree with Desert Chicano – I’d much rather go to Tamal Festival. (they dont’ really call it tamale festival do they?)

  5. I got my tix already. Yesterday. I am coming out of retirement for this one. Yes, it was expensive. Those filthy bastards at Ticketmaster tacked on about $16 per ticket. But…its Rage. Not too many bands out there I am willing to not pay my bills for. I’m with Alejandro, I am trying to contain my excitement until April. I can’t wait. I am positively giddy. I am really hoping its not too hot out there. April is not August, so hopefully we won’t be roasting like a bunch of carnitas out there. I’m only an hour away from Coachella. I know, I know I’m justifying myself. But its Rage. Oh. I already said that, didn’t I?

    Hope your mama is feeling better!

  6. I don’t get the fascination with RATM. I first heard them on a demo tape (a record store had a whole box of them for free but nobody was taking them) and I eventually threw it away! But I did get to see them live when they played at a small warehouse in Highland Park (a benefit for Radio Clandestina, a now defunct pirate radio) and the crowd went crazy for them, still didn’t get it.

  7. well, I got my tix, I will be there. I like Rage as a band, but also, they were really important to my political development and I’m guessing for lots of others too in the 90s. the first time i dropped acid was the first time I saw or even heard about Rage, and the acid started to kick in right as Zack started screaming, “F- YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!” and this giant outdoor crowd started jumping up and down going nuts, and that was it for me and any last shred of respect for authority that might have been lingering from my youth; from there, it was a short connection point to the zapatistas, the janitors’ strike here in LA, and then later seattle and all the “anti-globalization” movement, chomsky, zinn, flores magon, etc. I saw them again after that, sober, and still, I thought the energy was great, the music rocked, and the spirit/politics were right on. I didn’t grow up very radical, and they just happened to be that first musical spark that shifted things for me. I imagine maybe it’s the same with a lot of other folks who got the memo late, too.

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