I’m not getting old, just growing up

A bunch of recent signs that are reminding me that I’m an adult now… so I should act like one. I guess.

1. I have lots and lots of gray hair. My older brother asks why I have so much, and I say, “because I am my father’s daughter.”

2. I got a MySpace friend request for the MySpace page of my 10 year high school reunion. It’s coming up next year. Yikes.

3. I couldn’t truly enjoy Prince’s halftime performance yesterday because I had to explain to my younger cousins (in diapers or not yet born when Purple Rain came out) why Prince was worthy enough to be the performer for the biggest sporting event of the year. They were comparing him to Ashley Simpson!

4. I remember when rock was young. Oh wait…

5. I get my own invitations to birthday parties, weddings, and other family events. In the past, my parents would get an invitation and then pass the word along about Fulanita’s quinceañera.

6. My parent’s now ask me when I’m “going to go home” late on Sunday night when I’m still lounging around their house.

7. I’m asked to speak about the history of student activism at UCLA at MEChA retreats.

8. College tuition was a lot more affordable when I was an undergraduate and the first time I registered for classes, I did it over the phone rather than online.

9. My friends have real jobs. So do I. The students I work with call me Ms. Mosqueda. Weird.

10. I walk around campus and say/think, “those buildings were a pile of dirt when I got here” or “I remember when there was a building here.”

10 thoughts on “I’m not getting old, just growing up”

  1. i can relate homegirl. after 8 years at berkeley (under and grad) i notice how the place has changed. im also starting to notice my age, i don’t like it. but i guess that after i got marry and had a daughter and then got marry again (with same woman), that should have let me know that i’m not a young cub anymore.

  2. I can’t imagine anyone putting Prince and Ashlee Simpson in the same sentence unless it’s today, “If Prince and Ashlee Simpson got into a gift, he would totally choke her with Diamonds and Pearls…”

  3. Ugh, 10 year reunion…I don’t even want to think about it (I’m not going anyway). One of my younger cousins couldn’t understand why I was so excited about the Transformers movie and I almost cried.

  4. hehe, you should say… and my kid sister will probably be engaged, with in a year! ha then you’ll feel really old. It’s okay though, you can be my maid of honor…. if you do consider that an honor. love ya big sis!

  5. tin,
    You can’t deny you’re an adult when you got a beautiful little girl and wife. At least I can hold off on that aspect of adulthood for a bit.

    It’s even better that they probably think I’m a lot younger than I really am.

    Nothing could ever keep us down, could it?

    Here’s what bugged me the most, I couldn’t articulate why Prince is so great. I know, but I’m not sure how to translate it to the younger ones.

    But Transformers are more than meets the eye! I think I might go to the reunion, I’m curious.

    Aw, I knew I could count on Lincoln Park to help me feel better.

    Too bad you can’t say the same about looking/feeling old. Heh.

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