Cindy la fea?

The first time I heard “you look like America Ferrera” was after I saw Real Women Have Curves at a screening on campus. That was in 2002. I shrugged it off. I even shrugged it off a few weeks later we my mom, sister and I went to see the same film and we ran into my brother’s friend, Enrique.

Again, I heard, “I was watching the movie and kept thinking, she looks like Cindy.”

I just laughed, not quite seeing the resemblance. I mean, I don’t even see how my own sister and I resemble each other too much.

Five years later, I still get the comments. A few weeks ago, Jeff asked me “has anyone ever told you, you look like America Ferrera??”

I said yeah. It’s quite the compliment whether she looks like this or like this. And yes, I do love Ugly Betty.

4 thoughts on “Cindy la fea?”

  1. Hi Cindy–that is definitely a good thing, America is gorgeous. On a side note today as I sat to be called in the lobby area to do my taxes I was flipping through a magazine named Ciudad and read a little snippet referencing t blogs and your blogging here and at the other blog, which name is escaping me right now. I’m like da bomb, I’ve ran into her stuff. Way to go on the shout out!!

  2. ja ja ja! i thought about it myself, but like you, i don’t think is that big of a deal =) since she looks good and you are much more good looking.

  3. ha! as i was reading the entry, i was thinking, what are these people talking about? but as the photo loaded (yes, i have to wait for photos to load) and her face was revealed in the first picture, i was surprised to find that yeah.. there’s something there. i can’t put my finger on the similarity, but hey, you’re famous!

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