Mil palabras: La Guadalupana

One of my good friends at school inspired this haiku last year:

Hardly religious
Wears Guadalupe pendant
Hangs near corazón

My friend was born on the 12th of December, the day Mexicanos and Guadalupanos of all nationalities celebrate La Virgen de Guadalupe and commemorate her apparition to Juan Diego. A non-religious Chicano wearing a Guadalupe pendant shouldn’t surprise any fellow devotee. I think we all see the Virgen Morena in slightly different ways.

I struggle to explain what she means to me, especially when other writers have done it so much better (see Goddess of the Americas).

Above all, La Virgen de Guadalupe makes me feel at home and closer to my family. She’s all over my parent’s home. She has her makeshift cerro de Tepeyac in the front yard and greets visitors to the house as they enter the front door. She reminds me of my faith and calms me down in those tough times.

Previously: La Virgen Morena (links to posts I wrote on La Virgen de Guadalupe’s ubiquitousness, history and manifestation in modern-day art).

2 thoughts on “Mil palabras: La Guadalupana”

  1. Cindy,

    Gorgeous pictures! I love La Lupita, but you’re right it’s hard to explain what she means to us on a personal level. She means a lot to me and I love to see that she means as much to others. Adding you to my link list on AmoX.


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