Pocho Night of Power

Chicano satirists don’t need fancy signs

On Friday, I met up with the Puro Pedo Magazine staff for dinner in Alhambra. We had Hawaiian food and a brown buffalo (i.e., white elephant) gift exchange. Later, we drove south to Montebello for the Pocho Night of Power hosted by the same guys who do the Pocho Hour of Power show every Friday afternoon on KPFK.

It was a fitting event for the Puro Pedo staff considering the work of some of the Pocho Hour of Power guys, like Lalo Alcaraz and Esteban Zul, inspired our take a satire. We passed around copies of new and old versions of the magazine while checking out the bands and vendors.

More photos after the jump.

Esbeydy and I had to take pictures with Lalo Alcaraz, the man behind La Cucaracha. I felt like a total nerd when I asked for a picture and said I’d post it on my blog. I bought a 2008 La Cucaracha wall calendar.

After Quinto Sol played, the Puro Pedo staff (pictured: Jake, Tezozomoc and Chonsy) read parts of some of our articles including the Chicana/o Haiku, signs your neighborhood is becoming gentrified, and signs your curandera/o is a fake. We didn’t get too many laughs, but did pass out a lot of magazines.

Pachuco 3000 dj’ed in between bands, which was definitely one of the treats of the night. Make sure to catch him on New Year’s Eve on KCRW where he’ll be part of Raul Campos’ Latin New Year’s Eve set.

The highlight came with Pedro Deportado’s (an anti-immigrant character played by Alcaraz) rendition of “Illegals Are Bad” sung to the tune of “Feliz Navidad.”

We went home soon after. It was almost 2 a.m. and cold.

8 thoughts on “Pocho Night of Power”

  1. I had a great time at this event. A lot of the ‘old skoolers’ mixing it up with some ‘newer skoolers’ and some ‘timeless skoolers.’ Great energy!
    Thanks for the compliment on the DJing, I love playing house music to crowds who might not necessarily be into it. Many think house is in the past or cheesy. It makes me pull out the gems. Based on the number of peeps coming into the DJ booth to know track names and mine, house will never die, its is positive music with no rules or ‘tude.

  2. I very much support Latino representation in the media and in the comics, but I just don’t think that “La Cucaracha” is all that funny. It mostly just annoys me. Maybe its because, being from Chicago, I just don’t get the “Chicano” thing. I don’t begrudge Lalo his success, I’m merely stating an opinion.

  3. if you live in chicago and dont “get” the “chicano” thing, hector, you are hanging in the wrong parts. there is a huge chicano community there. now dont get me wrong, i dont think you’re an fool or stupit or anything, merely stating an opinion.

  4. Hector, you’re not alone. “La Cucaracha” is mediocre and a wasted opportunity. It was also really lame that it’s creator played the race card last year when the Los Angeles Times planned to drop it.

    There really isn’t that many Chicanos anywhere, period. I’m a life long resident of East Los Angeles and very rarely have I encountered many people who identify as such. It’s usually an ethnic studies or chicano studies major.

    You mostly find Chicanos on college campuses and usually you end up finding them annoying. Amusing as it was their ‘i’m downer than you because i’m chicano’ attitude was grating after a while.

    I never understood they’re need to be so divisive, even among the brown folk.

  5. I grew tired of La Cucaracha about two years ago. It stopped being funny. And Lalo’s editorial cartoons are sporadic and not funny. Why did he lose his touch?

    I miss The Boondocks.

  6. P-3000,
    As long as I can dance to it, I like the music.

    High five! Ha.

    I’ve heard the same opinion. I do think his work was funnier when he was doing the editorial cartoons in the LA Weekly. I don’t think it was necessarily about being Chicana or Chicano, but just about his take on the issues.

    Hehe. I’ve been to Chicago. It’s cold!

    You know what annoys me even more? The people who complain about people calling themselves Chicana and Chicano. Ahem. I hope my “I’m downer than you because I’m Chicana” attitude hasn’t gotten on your nerves yet.

    Who knows? I think it’s pretty demanding to try and be funny daily and on deadline. I really do miss the weekly editorial cartoons. I miss the Boondocks too, but that stopped being funny after a while too.

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