Question of the week: The Blog Crush

I got an email today. It went something like this.

I found your friend’s blog. Now I got a huge crush on said friend!

I smiled and thought of the timeliness of my friend’s email. I’ve been thinking about blog crushes these days.

The blog crush isn’t really about looks, visit this but looks definitely help. Rather, therapy the attraction is centered around a talent for expressing ideas or telling stories. The blog crush is just like an intellectual crush, but it starts online.

I’ve been blogging a while and over the years I’ve had a few blog crushes. They wear off when said blogger begins blogging sporadically or stops all together. Sometimes the crush just wears off as I get to know him better.

My current blog crush is Jay Smooth. I think he’s my first internet “celebrity” blog crush.

Question of the week: Do you have blog crushes? Or have you had a blog crush?

November Project, Part 2

I’ll post something more substantial soon, ambulance but first I need some interesting topics. If you have suggestions, leave a comment below or email me.

November 11: I have two bookshelves. They’re full of books I’ve read several times and books I’ve yet to open. Lately I’ve just been checking out books from the library as I have no space for more books and I save some money.
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El Susto

Each day I describe the accident a few times to family, try friends, patient co-workers, advice insurance, my doctor, etc.

They ask, “What happened?”

I’ll describe the little I saw. I leave out the sounds (a deafening crash, the popping of airbags, Los Lobos on the CD player, my cell phone ringing, sirens) and smell (something burnt).

“Are you okay?” they’ll asked with genuine concern.

“Yeah,” I’ll say and then sigh. I show them the the marks on my chest and forearms from the seat belt and airbag, respectively. Those scars and bruises are the only sign I was in an accident.

They’ll respond with something like, “well, the important thing is that you’re safe. Your car can be replaced, but you can’t.”

I look okay, but don’t feel that way.

The susto lingers.

November Project, Part 1

November 1: After singing “Happy Birthday” to my tía Martha, tooth we sang “Las Mañanitas.” Tío Pancho sang loud and clear for his wife of 24 years. I love how she smiles at him.
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Election Day and Night

Arrive at my polling place. A no on 8 campaigner is handing out leaflets outside the required 100-feet.
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President-elect Obama

I really like this picture. And not just because I made it.

Octogenarian first-time voters

Mamá Toni (86) and Papá Chepe (88), allergy first-time voters

I got to my polling place at about ten. The line was wrapped around the small Episcopal church. It was incredibly quiet, save for a few conversations between neighbors and friends. I took out my iPod and entertained myself with non-election related podcasts and games.

After 45 minutes in line, I got a call from my sister.

“Hey, I have a blog topic for you. The grandparents just returned from voting. They have their stickers on and I took a picture. It’s on Flickr.”

“Oh, cool! I’ve been waiting like 45 minutes at my polling place.”

“Dad said Mamá Toni punched too many holes on her ballot and had to get a new one.

“Oh, well. I think you’re allowed a new one if you made a mistake.”

“They’re all excited and proud of their stickers. It’s so cute.”

Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni became citizens a few years ago. I think it was around 2002, but I don’t remember exactly. They finally registered to vote a few weeks ago. Papá Chepe bugged my parents to get him registered, he wanted to cast his vote for Obama. I lagged on picking up a voter registration form for them. Eventually, dad registered them online through Rock the Vote. (Ironic, I know.)

This morning, despite both having nagging colds, Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni went out to vote. My dad helped them fill out their sample ballots and drove them to their polling place in Hacienda Heights. They waited half an hour before voting. When they got home, Lori made them pose for a photo. They were proud to show off their stickers. Later, I called Papá Chepe on his cell phone.

“¿Votaron por Obama?” I asked.

“Sí,” Papá Chepe responded. “Lo tenemos que meter.”

Photo by my sister, Lori.

Two buttons

It’s a pricey purse. I know my brother complained a bit about buying it as a Christmas present for his girlfriend, apoplexy Cindy. Eventually, salve he caved; especially after she bought the Playstation 3. She carries the purse everywhere. These days her bag is adorned with a couple of buttons. She’s excited about voting in her first presidential election today along with millions of other first-time youth voters.

You know who else is voting for the first time today? Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni. They’ve been citizens for a few years now, but had not registered. Papá Chepe registered just so he could support Obama.

I’m off to vote in a few minutes. I never do early voting or send in an absentee ballot. I want my sticker!

October Project, Part 3

I realized that I had more interesting things/people to photograph during the summer. I hope this isn’t getting boring. Eleven new photos for the last third of October after the jump.

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