Notes on a bicoastal wedding

I can’t come up with anything eloquent right now, but I do have pictures and a few notes.

Sean and Cindy p/v (por vida). #bicoastalwedding

I’m elated to be married to Sean.

In the party bus

I’m pretty sure I’ve never smiled so much in one day nor posed for so many iPhones.


Parents meet for the first time

I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed to have such amazing family and friends. My parents were impressed that so many of Sean’s family and friends traveled out from the east coast.

Maid of Honor

Fun with Danny and Cynthia

I’m so glad our guests had a super time. And gained some new friendships in the process.

Ten minutes before going in to the church. A bit nervous and chatting up the altar servers to keep myself calm.    #bicoastalwedding

I felt like a “wedding princess” — according to my niece/flower girl, Isabelle.

Leaving the church

No one lost the bet. Neither one of us actually cried, but we both teared up at different points during the day, mainly during the ceremony (vows, cousin Fabiola singing “Ave Maria”, and hearing that we were a symbol of hope for the St. John Vianney community struggling after the fire).

Super bride and groom

Yes, it was hot. The high was 107, but we managed to stay indoors with the air conditioning on full blast all day except for about an hour when we took photos outside.

See #bicoastalwedding for more Instagram photos.

24 thoughts on “Notes on a bicoastal wedding

  1. Sesa

    You’re beautiful!! And Sean looks great, too … You’re a gorgeous couple.

    Congrats on the wedding! It looks like such a fun affair

    1. cindylu Post author

      Thank you! It was quite fun, but it goes by so fast (cliché, I know). At least I can sorta relive it as friends post their photos.

  2. Z

    you are stunning…radiant and beautiful and so happy i can feel it through the net! both of make such a handsome couple! FELICIDADES y que el amor y la felicidad llene sus vidas siempre!

    1. cindylu Post author

      Muchas gracias! I remember you from the Diaryland days. Crazy how long it’s been. Your family is adorable and you look amazing too.

    1. cindylu Post author

      Thank you! Sean had to get his superhero stuff in there. It was such a fun touch. It wasn’t just the photo booth either.

  3. Laura

    Hola Cindy! Que preciosa estuviste en tu dia. Gorgeous like always. Muchas felicidades. It makes me very happy to see your smile and to read that you had a wonderful blessed day. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Mosqueda Campbell :o)

  4. elenamary

    so beautiful. i was amazed at how emotional I got just looking at the pictures. i am glad you are so very happy. much love to you and sean.

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