Thirty-one weeks and two stories

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I’m 31 weeks along today! I wanted to take a cute picture of my bump to mark the date but my plans changed after something unexpected this morning. Now, cialis 40mg I don’t even want to bother with putting on pants.

I did take pictures today, but they’re dramatic and don’t show much bump. I only took them to pretend I’m a badass or freak out my siblings (depends on the sibling). But, I’m not an alarmist jerk, or I try not to be. When I texted the photo of the IV in my arm and the patient bracelet, I made sure to add that Meatball and I were okay.

Now, for two stories. I’ll tell you the end right now: I was sent home from labor and delivery after some tests/monitoring and am okay and so is Baby Meatball.

Sunday night: Midnight visit
My first thought when I saw the blood in the toilet and on the toilet paper was, “Should I tell Sean?” Of course, I knew I had to. I know spotting early in pregnancy is normal, but this wasn’t early. I was 30 weeks along.

I went back to the bedroom and turned on the lights. “So… there’s some blood.”

He immediately got up and stayed calm. While looking for the number to the doctor’s office, we double-checked what the Mayo Clinic book and literature from Kaiser said about bleeding at this point. The doctor’s office put me through to the advice nurse who asked a few questions and then told me to call labor and delivery. I summed up my issue in one sentence to a nurse. She responded succinctly, “Yup, you need to come in.”

We changed quickly and were at the hospital five minutes later. (I’m glad I live so close.) It was a little after 12:15 when I checked in.

Once admitted, I was monitored by the nurses for contractions and asked several questions about the bleeding and my medical history/pregnancy thus far. The doctor on duty checked me out and concluded that everything looked okay (cervix is fine, placenta was away from the cervix thus not the cause of the bleeding, no contractions). I was sent home with directions to not have sex and return if there was more bright red blood or cramping.

I’ve never been admitted to the hospital for anything, so the whole experience was surreal even if I was just there a couple of hours. The scariest thing, according to Sean was when the machine monitoring my contractions made a long beep noise. Seriously, it sounded like it was flatlining. A nurse rushed back and said, “oh, the printer is stuck.” Sean did not like the printer’s warning beep.

On the bright side, I did get to see Baby Meatball briefly during the quick ultrasound. He looks good and definitely has Sean’s lips. We got home a little before 3 and I emailed my boss to let he know I’d be taking the morning off.

Today: Too many needles
Despite starting off the week at the hospital, I felt fine for the next few days. I was especially happy this morning because Baby Meatball is now 31 weeks old.

I went in for my monthly appointment with my OB. It was short and sweet. The nurse who checked me in gave me a TDAP shot (ouch!). My doctor mentioned my low blood pressure, but wasn’t worried since it’s been like that for the past few months, my heart rate is fine, and I’m asymptomatic. We talked about baby’s growth and what to expect when I come back at 35 weeks. Everything looked good during the quick ultrasound and then she sent us off on our way to my next appointment with the lactation nurse.

While Sean and I were in the RN’s office listening to her talk about how to get the baby to latch on, I started to feel sick. I had the same symptoms I had on the bus in February and after the Café Tacuba show last month. I told the nurse I didn’t feel well and she gave me a plastic trash bag so I could vomit. The nausea and faintness were relieved by vomiting, my vision returned to normal and I cooled down again. The nurse took my blood pressure and consulted with my doctor. Instead of sending me home, they sent me next door to labor and delivery.

Once again I was monitored for contractions. My blood pressure was checked every 15 minutes and I had blood drawn for a few tests (blood sugar, anemia, electrolytes). I was hooked up to an IV to ensure I got more fluids in case I was dehydrated. I got my results and everything looked normal, I didn’t have any contractions and once again Baby Meatball was fine. The midwife on duty ruled out potential causes for the dizziness and then said I was fine to go home to rest. Before I left the nurse gave me warning signs for preterm labor, pre-eclampsia, and tips on dealing with dizziness during pregnancy. I spent the rest of the day resting at home and Sean went to work.

It was funny, shortly before I got sick, Sean thought we were going to be in and out of our appointments quickly. Hah. I guess I had other plans.

Ninety-eight days*

*Countdown to the expected due date. Of course, sick I know this is plus/minus several days.

A few weeks ago, visit web I went in for my monthly appointment with my doctor. While waiting to check in, link the woman ahead of me told a teenage girl next to her, “I keep seeing pregnant women. It must be a sign.”

“Huh? I’ve only seen two,” replied the teenager.

“I’ve seen five. Three walked by. One was just ahead of us in line. And there’s the other woman in line behind us.”

She wasn’t talking about me. She was clearly talking about another woman who looked much further along in line behind me.

When Sean joined me in the waiting room, I told him the story and offered a fake cry. I was a little bummed about not yet looking pregnant to strangers. I guess there’s benefits to that.

I can still wear a couple pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans if I use a ponytail holder looped through the button hole. Strangers don’t reach out to touch my bump or try and make conversation about my pregnancy. No one has said “Wow, you’re getting big!” or made other rude comments about my size. Nor do I receive unsolicited advice — actually we’ve been asking friends for advice and they’ve been awesome. I’m on pace for the recommended weight gain.

23 weeks and counting/growing

And I got accused by my cousin Nancy of exaggerating my bump in the Instagram photo above (taken at 23 weeks). She was right, but how often do you pose for a picture by sticking out your belly?

Anyway, I know this will change as I approach the third trimester.


When I got in to see the doctor, she started with her usual, “how are you feeling?” We followed up about my near fainting episode. She then went on to the routine ultrasound. She hadn’t been looking around for more than two minutes when she stopped.

“Let me go get my colleague. I want her to see something.”

She left the exam room and returned with a second doctor. The second doctor introduced herself, asked me if I’d been leaking fluid (no) and went on to continue with the ultrasound. They took some measurements and determined that there was a normal amount of amniotic fluid.

“Sorry for scaring you,” she offered.

The whole thing happened so quickly, that I barely had time to get scared and think of all the what-ifs. Sean, on the other hand, had plenty of time to get worried.

I was told to focus on drinking more water throughout the day.


I probably would’ve been more scared if I hadn’t felt Baby Meatball move for the first time just a day before my appointment.

Since then I’ve felt his movements gets stronger and Sean’s been able to feel him too. It’s still weird, but I don’t want it to stop.


I passed on the baby registration process to Sean after our initial visit to Baby’s R Us (his post on that). I was a little overwhelmed by the various products. Sean’s been taking his job seriously and doing a lot of research. He’s awesome. Also on the awesome list: the friends and family who have offered hand-me-downs (e.g., my boss who gave us the crib her daughter has outgrown. w00t!)


We’re close on two important decisions:

1. The name. We have the same first choice and no clear second choice. Sean is ready to choose [NAME]. I feel like I need to see Meatball first to know [NAME] is right, but maybe that will change in the next few months. How did you know the name was right?

2. The paint for Meatball’s room. We just have to decide if we want three neutral walls and one brighter accent wall or four walls of the brighter color. I think both would be good with the crib we just received.


My dad is worried Meatball is gonna stick as a nickname, especially if he is chunky. My cousin Nancy thinks it’s inevitable.

Thoughts at 22 weeks

Things I wonder about at 22 weeks:

Why haven’t I felt Baby Meatball yet? Does my extra padding block the feeling of his movement?

If Sean and I choose a name with an uncommon spelling and alternative pronunciation, medstore will Meatball get annoyed that his name is frequently mispronounced and misspelled? At least he can commiserate with his father on the latter.

Do all maternity pants sag? Is that just me?

Speaking of sagging, viagra buy how do young guys do this? It’s so uncomfortable and inefficient for walking.

Am I super behind on prepping for Baby Meatball’s arrival? Pregnancy forums make me feel that way since all I’ve really done is clean out the room that will become his nursery and secured a secondhand crib that I still need to pick up. Color scheme? Theme? Nope. Far from that.

Will I come back to running from pregnancy as a better, faster, stronger runner? (See: Marie’s latest race report.)

When will I actually start to look pregnant rather than just looking like I’ve gained weight?

Why did I get rid of most of my pre-weight loss clothes? I could’ve gone through pregnancy without buying much.

Why did I take such a long break from running last summer and early fall?

The boy with the transducer probe in his side

buy information pills on Flickr”>Profile at 19 weeks

When our ultrasound tech, story Ling, weight loss announced “Well, it’s a boy” matter-of-factly I choked up. “I’ll show you later,” she added.

For the past ten minutes, I’d been lying uncomfortably in a dim room while she pushed at my abdomen with the transducer probe. The poking and prodding of the past three ultrasounds was bad enough, but the anatomy scan was worse. I drank 32 ounces of water over an hour earlier without peeing as required. That’s a lot of liquid for a bladder already under a lot of pressure. Along with that, I had to turn my head up to view the screen which was awkward and uncomfortable.

But that didn’t matter as soon as Ling said that three letter word.

A boy! My dad was right.

I cried for the first time during an ultrasound and let the tears trickle down my chin. I squeezed Sean’s hand but didn’t turn back to him as I had already done several times that morning. I’m not sure why I wanted to hide my tears. Perhaps I didn’t want him to interpret them as disappointment.

They’re definitely not disappointment. I’m pretty sure I would’ve cried either way. I thought of how happy Sean will be to buy our son all the superhero toys and clothes he surely wanted as a kid — or as a thirty-something. I also couldn’t help but think of the struggles young men of color face. The day before, I’d seen lots of stories about the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s killing. He’s not even here and I’ve already become protective of him and what he might face.

Ling showed us later how she was sure of the sex. Baby Meatball was not shy. She continued on with the scan for another 45 minutes or so. She got photos of several organs and body parts as required for the anatomy scan and then sent us on our way.

As soon as we were out we called our parents and siblings to share the news. The responses ranged from “I knew it!” to “So it’s official?” I had another appointment that morning with my OB. She already had the results from the radiologist’s analysis and told us all looked normal. We also talked about how to prevent the dizziness and faint feelings. Everything she suggested was in the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Health Pregnancy book. I should have read that more closely considering my history.

Baby blue

Later in the day, I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. It’s been too long. I chose baby blue, I couldn’t help it. At least I’m aware of the “nurture” in socializing gender roles.

Baby's first book

Yesterday we went shopping for a Batman nightlight I’d seen online. We left with the nightlight and Baby Meatball’s first book.

Sean posted his reaction this morning. Read it here.

*Apologies to Morrissey for the title. I had to do it after finally seeing him live Friday night. I feel like I went through a Chicana@ rite of passage. Plus, Sean took the best title (About A Boy) for his post.

A little scare and anatomy scan jitters

Written Wednesday, ampoule February 27th; edited today.

In a little over an hour, case I’ll be going in for the anatomy scan. It’ll be the second part of the test to make sure everything is okay with the baby. Additionally, we’ll get to find out the baby’s sex, if he/she cooperates.

Pretty pink or baby blue? We found out today. Still seems surreal. @seanathan

I’m excited and a little scared at the same time. I’ve been really chill for the last 3 months. Sean is the one doing most of the worrying. This week is different.

On Monday morning I had one of my scary and annoying fainting spells. I was on the bus at the time and was sitting. At first I just felt nausea and thought it was motion sickness, which has been happening more often on the bus (I miss the days when I could read on the bus).

A stop later I knew it wasn’t the usual nausea that I could ride out until I got within a few blocks of work. I felt really bad (a) needed air and (b) really needed to get to a bathroom. At the next stop, I stumbled to the bus bench at Olympic and Westwood and took off my jacket immediately because I had chills and felt clammy. Everything looked really bright and I waited for my eyesight to readjust. Then I tried to figure out what to do. It was only about 8:30 so a lot of the places in the mini mall behind me were closed. I was 2 miles from home and about the same distance from work. When I felt okay to walk, I went across the street to use the bathroom. That made me feel better as did drinking some Gatorade.

After that I got to work on the next bus that came along. I felt weak and tired the rest of the day but the nausea and dizziness never returned. I got in touch with the Kaiser nurse hotline and they put through a message to my OB. By the end of the day I had talked to another nurse in the OB’s office and scheduled an appointment for today (Wednesday). She’s probably not happy I omitted that I faint rarely.

Normally, the fainting thing doesn’t freak me out, but everything’s different as I’m pregnant. I don’t want to faint while pregnant and if it’s something to do with my blood pressure or heart then that’s definitely cause for worry as my heart is working harder with the greater blood volume.

As for the scan, I’m just hoping all is good with Baby Meatball (yes, that’s our odd nickname for him/her, I hope he/she forgives us when we reveal this). I hope his/her ten fingers and toes are coming in just fine and. And I hope to feel those toes and feet soon with a kick or something. I still haven’t felt the baby and that bums me out a little.

We took a mini poll with the immediate family to vote on what they predict I’m carrying. Currently girl is winning by two votes. While I don’t have an intuition about the baby’s sex, my dad does. He dreamed about his grandchild shortly after we revealed we were expecting. He mentioned the dream a while ago, but kept the details to himself because he didn’t want to sway our name choices. He finally revealed on Sunday after voting in the poll that in his dream, our baby was a boy named Juan Carlos. “I think I was influenced by your tío Johnny’s passing since it was not too long after,” he confessed. It makes sense since Juan Carlos combines both brothers’ first names.

We’ll see if my dad is right. He’s got decent odds.

First tri symptoms

Every other week or so during the first trimester, men’s health I wrote a short update on how things were going. Below is the version that omits the repetitive and TMI stuff.

If this is tl;dr (too long; didn’t read), the main early pregnancy symptom that hit me was fatigue. I just wanted to sleep. I had mild nausea and vomiting, but it was pretty mild. I didn’t gain weight, but my body did change and my hair does look shinier. Also, flying cross country really sucked.

From the week 7 check-in (around December 7th):

I think I had my first wave of morning sickness today.

I’m feeling pretty tired these days. I slept a lot over the weekend, but I still felt sleepy and tired all day Sunday. I struggled a lot to get out of bed this morning after 8ish hours of sleep.

No food aversions, but I don’t feel like eating fresh fruit besides bananas.

Any chemical smell is a lot stronger, but doesn’t cause nausea just annoyance. For now.

(My morning sickness wasn’t that bad. I didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t surprised given that my mom claimed she never had morning sickness. I kept Saltines on hand at work and snacked on them late in the morning to ward off the nausea. I didn’t escape the vomiting, but it was about every other day and ended by Christmas. Well, it came back once or twice after.

The worse thing was feeling tired all the time. I called out sick one day just because I needed more sleep.)

From the week 9/10 update (around December 26th):

Chilling on 31st Street. Literally. It's cold.

I’m a cup size bigger than normal. My pants still fit and I haven’t actually gained weight. I was starting off about 5 pounds greater than my normal weight for the past couple of years.

I actually tried running a little on Saturday. I was able to do 4-5 minutes at an easy jog on the downhill portion of my walk. It felt good, though the bigger breasts did make my sports bra feel pretty tight.

The nausea and vomiting is worst on an empty stomach and when I’ve made the mistake of not taking my prenatal with a meal. Otherwise I feel better with a couple of saltines and a few sips of ginger ale.

Trading cold and sunshine for less cold and rain. See you soon, LA.

This did not work on the flight from LA to NY. I felt gross the entire time but never vomited.

From the week 11 check-in (around January 6th):

I’m feeling more back to normal these days. Aside from the flights to and from NY, the nausea and vomiting has pretty much gone away save for one episode a week ago. Sunday nights are not my friend.

I’ve had a bit of a cold since arriving in NY on Christmas Day. I’m just a little sniffly, it’s nothing as bad as what I got after ABRCMS in November.

Bad side effects: I broke out a little earlier in the week, as if I typically would around my period.

Good side effects: my hair looks really shiny and long.

The pile of clothes that currently doesn't fit my lazy runner ass is a little too big.

I haven’t really gained any weight (we’ll see on Tuesday), but I figure there’s plenty of time for that. I’ve been advised to try to keep the weight gain to 15-20 lbs due to my BMI. This doesn’t mean all my clothes fit. I removed several items from my closet since they don’t fit and haven’t fit for a while. With pregnancy there’s no hope I’ll be getting in to them any time soon.

From the week 13 check-in (around January 18th):

First, I had my NT scan and second appointment on the 8th. I took off the morning and was surprised that both appointments plus waiting in the lab to get my blood drawn took 3+ hours. I’d like to complain, but then I remember that I have health insurance and so far have not had to pay a cent out of pocket. The only things we’ve bought health wise have been prenatal vitamins and the initial pregnancy test.

At my appointment I found out I hadn’t gained weight. This is fine considering my doctor things I have enough weight to make a baby and I have plenty of time to gain weight.

The nuchal translucency ultrasound scan was interesting. The tech showed us different parts of the baby, feet, head, profile, and then patiently waited for the baby to be in the right position before taking the measurements needed. That took a while since the baby was moving a lot. Sean joked that he/she was doing the robot and trolling us. I wouldn’t put it past our offspring to be like that. The measurements she gave us were in the normal range.

Afterward, I waited 30 minutes in the waiting area at the lab to get my blood drawn for the second part of the NT test. The latter part took less than 3 minutes. We’re still waiting for results. [We got them. Everything looks cool.]

NYE items

As for first trimester symptoms, they’re pretty much gone. The nausea and vomiting (never that bad) haven’t made an appearance since the end of the year. I haven’t had a saltine or ginger ale in a couple of weeks. I have more energy. I could actually run — slowly and downhill — for 12 minutes. Before this week I could only do 5-6 minutes before going back for walk breaks. I sort of feel back to normal except for being ready for bed at 9:30/10 and having a few vivid dreams each night. It feels strange, but I know this is normal and I’m not going to complain.

I also started telling close friends and my boss. I told the rest of my co-workers a week or so later. Everyone has been very supportive and quite awesome.

Getting some mileage out of the bibs

Written December 26, viagra 2012. Edited Saturday and Tuesday.

People who now know: dad’s side of the family, erectile mom’s side of the family, pilule and several of Sean’s aunts and uncles who were at Christmas dinner.

The reveal: all bibs.

I didn’t feel completely ready to inform the extended family at the Christmas parties, but it really was the best time to tell them in person. It also presented the opportunity to do something creative without being over the top.

Santa! We know him!!!

The first opportunity was the Mosqueda family Christmas party on the 15th. We’ve been doing this Christmas party for the past 5 years or so and it’s a lot of fun. Several of my cousins have young kids and they get super excited about Santa showing up with gifts and hitting the piñata. The adults do a white elephant, sing carols and play other games. It’s good times, and there is always a ton of delicious food.

The party wasn’t much different this year. Santa (cousin Robert played the role this year) showed up with a sack loaded with gifts for the kids — and a few well-behaved adults. Everyone opened their presents when they were with Santa. This was perfect because the last gift was for my parents.

The parents get a gift

“This present is for Charlie and Luz!” Santa called out.

Everyone cheered and my parents posed for a picture with Santa. They then pulled the bibs out of the bag (yes, same bibs Sean and I gave them a few weeks ago). The message was clear and there were lots of cheers, claps and congratulations. There were a couple of jokes too (“Lori?!”, the only other sibling there to point the finger to).

We wanted to to use the bibs again at the Ureño Saldivar family Christmas Eve party, but it didn’t work out so well. First, mom forgot to bring the grandma/grandpa. She improvised with a backup gift from Adrian intended for me and Sean. Second, we were the only people who opened presents with Santa. Third, the gift was a Batman bib (with cape!). It was pretty cool, but I’m not sure it was immediately clear we were holding up a bib.

The Batman bib

Everyone seemed a little confused until Adrian yelled out, “Yes! She’s pregnant, stupids!” The announcement might’ve been fumbled, but at least my aunts, uncles and cousins know.

The final reveal of the Christmas season came during grace with Sean’s extended family. Before Christmas dinner, Eula asked if she could announce the pregnancy during grace (e.g., “and thank you, God, for my grandchild”). We were fine with that. An hour later — and after cooking up several delicious dishes — she said she was too tired to make the announcement then. Sean offered up a present he’d sent and had Junior hide a few weeks ago.

“You can announce with these,” he offered.

Eula and her sisters prepared a huge Christmas dinner and we all gathered around the table for grace. At the end of grace, she picked up a gift bag beside her.

“And I have this gift I was told to open now.”

She opened the bag and pulled out two grandma/grandpa bibs (yes, the same ones we bought my parents). There was no pause to figure it out in this family. Everyone broke out in to immediate cheers as if their team had just won a buzzer beater, scored on a Hail Mary touchdown or Usain Bolt had just won gold in the 100 meters (again). Sean and I were both a little overwhelmed by the reaction. They went to Eula and Kenton to congratulate them before they hugged Sean and me.

He likes his new bib

Kenton put on his bib for dinner. I think he’s excited about becoming a grandfather.


gratuitous wedding shot with The Campbells

This baby will be the first grandchild in both our immediate families. I know Eula and Kenton have had the grandparent itch for a long time (this info came via Sean, they’ve never pressured me…). On my side, my parents haven’t pressured us except for letting me know that Mamá Toni had already knitted four baby blankets. It makes me excited to know that there are many, many people who already love this baby and can’t wait for late July.

Sean has told some of his closest friends and god willing we’ll be doing more reveals in a few weeks.

Grand child #1

Originally wrote most of this on December 3rd and 9th, more about 2012. Edited today.

Almost as soon as I got home from the doctor’s office, ambulance I thought about how I’d tell my parents, siblings and in-laws. It wasn’t even a question of telling them early on. I needed/wanted their support and prayers no matter what happened.

I would have told them that weekend, but I wanted a little time to come up with something cute/creative. I’m not big on the cheesy, Pinterest-type reveals. However, I wanted to do something special since I only get to tell my parents they’re going to be grandparents once.

A week after we found out, I called my dad to check in with and my mom about their plans for the weekend. They’re busy people and often have appointments, parties, visits and other things going on. Usually I just show up and see whoever is around, but this time I wanted to make sure they’d be together. After conferring with both parents, I made plans to see them after a breakfast fundraiser Sunday morning.

On Saturday evening, Sean and I went to the local Babies R Us to find some grandparent, aunt, and uncle onesies or bibs. We found cute dinosaur and giraffe bibs declaring love for grandpa and grandma, respectively. We skipped the aunt/uncle ones since they were gender based or declared “my uncle/aunt is single.” I didn’t think Alexis, my brothers’ girlfriend, would appreciate that.

When we got home, I wrapped the grandpa and grandma bibs together in the same box. Late Sunday morning Sean and I headed out to the fundraiser in HH. We missed the actual fundraiser but my mom saved us food. After a brunch of pupusas and champurrado we presented them with the box.

“A present for both of us?” mom asked eyeing the plain box on the desk. “Can we open it now.”


“We can?”

“You can.”

“Do I need my glasses?” dad asked.

“You probably don’t need your glasses.” He got them out of the desk anyway and turned on the light.

Sean filmed with his iPhone and Papá Chepe watched from the recliner.

With their backs to us, mom and dad opened the box (which previously held a wedding gift). Mom moved the tissue paper.

“Aaaah, I had a feeling!”

“Oh my goodness!” dad exclaimed.

“I had a feeling” mom repeated in a sing song voice and giggled.


They turned to hug us and then showed Papá Chepe.

Future grandma

“I had a feeling this was coming,” mom confessed. She knew it was weird that I had called a couple of times just to find out their plans. I’m never so deliberate about visits. She added, “In church, I prayed, ‘If Cindy is pregnant, please let her have a good and safe pregnancy.’”

Do moms always know these things? If so, I wonder when my sixth sense will kick in.

Mamá Toni finds out

Mom called over Mamá Toni — she missed the borlote while she was in the kitchen cleaning up — and shared the news.

Celebratory shots

Then dad, the lone non-drinker, suggested taking shots. He had Pepsi. Everyone else, including Mamá Toni and Papá Chepe, toasted to grandchild #1 and great grandchild #33 with shots of rum. [Yes, I missed #31 by a few months. My cousin Ernie’s son took the spot. I’m okay with that.]

“When did you find out?” mom asked.

“The day after Thanksgiving.”

“You waited this long to tell us?!” I knew she was gonna say that. Can’t blame her.

She went on to ask how I’d been feeling and told me she never got morning sickness with her four pregnancies. Maybe I’d get to miss out on that rite of pregnancy passage too.


Lori was off at Starbucks studying all day. We didn’t see her until we returned from Mass around 6:30. We cornered her in my mom’s room away from my visiting aunts and uncles. She opened the box, looked at the bibs and then exclaimed, “Shut up!”


She was pretty excited.

I had to rush back out to the aunts and uncles as I was helping with the wording/formatting of the invitation for the grandparents 70th wedding anniversary party.


Dad called me when Danny got home from work that night. We did the box and bib thing again. Danny thought it was an early birthday gift at first. Not really.

He opened the box, said what he found and then put it together. There were congrats and questions (working on it? unplanned?) and funny comments.

“Sean’s sperm can swim!”

We chatted for a little while about due dates, how I’m only 6.5 weeks along and how the info should be kept within the immediate family.


I didn’t want to wait much longer to tell my brother. Ideally, we would’ve stopped by his and Alexis’ new place before heading back to LA, but he was already getting ready for bed at 8 pm. He works long hours during the holidays.

I called him Monday night and put him on speaker phone.

I was pretty matter-of-fact, since we didn’t have the bibs around anymore.

“We’re having a baby.”




Sean texted his brother a link to a video from Seinfeld.

“He’ll appreciate it this way.”

Junior’s response via text: Really?!!


We told Sean’s parents after our first doctor visit via Face Time. I think Sean felt better after hearing the heartbeat for the first time. Although we mailed the same grandma/grandpa bibs to Junior, we didn’t use them to reveal the news.

After making sure both Eula and Kenton were together, I simply said, “I’m pregnant.”

They were ebullient with joy. Eula said she already knew it because she was wishing and praying for a pregnancy. Kenton and Eula have been talking about babies since we got engaged. I know they’re very excited to become grandparents.

Our journey begins

Friday, syphilis November 23, 2012

I really wasn’t surprised to see two bold blue lines. The text on the six-inch white stick was clearer than the results. Positive. Pregnant.

Sean was behind me as we looked at the stick on the bathroom sink. I don’t remember if I said anything, probably “I’m pregnant.” We just hugged. And then I cried a little because I’m happy, scared and all that stuff.

After calming down a bit, I went to my laptop and my trusty friend, Google. I think my search terms were “I just found out I’m pregnant.” I went from there on starting the next steps. Obviously, seeing a professional was high on the list. I tried setting up an appointment online through my HMO which was more complicated than I expected since I was used to the easy system I used with the student health center I used as a grad student.

I didn’t find much on the website that was truly helpful. I called the appointment hotline and soon was speaking to a helpful scheduler/operator at the West LA medical center. She answered my questions and informed me that pregnancy tests are done on a walk-in basis at the woman’s health center. She gave me the hours and said she didn’t know how long a patient might have to wait to be seen. With 45 minutes before they closed, Sean and I rushed out and were parking 5 minutes later. Yay for proximity.

I checked in and was called a few minutes later.

Sean got up to come in with me to the exam room. The nurse waved him down, “He’ll get to go to the next one,” she added.

“First, the test.” She handed me a cup and pointed out the bathroom. When I came out, she stuck a test strip in and pulled it out.

The color changed as she looked at it. “It looks light, but that’s probably because you’re so early. You’re definitely pregnant.”

We moved away from the nurse’s station and into a second room where she took my vitals, weighed me and asked some basic questions to figure out how far along I was.

“Five weeks! You’re early.”

She set up an appointment with an Ob/Gyn for the first week of December. It seemed so far away. She gave me some forms to bring back with me for my next appointment with info about my lifestyle, personal and family medical history. And I got a folder packed with info on each month of pregnancy. It was cute, but so obvious. Finally, she ordered some tests and sent me down to the lab.

Your journey begins

I met Sean out in the waiting room and we headed down to the lab. We looked over the forms while we waited to get my blood drawn. Even with a big folder making it pretty obvious I was expecting and two positive tests, it still felt surreal. On our way out of the medical center, I stopped by the pharmacy and picked up some prenatal vitamins. Those would be necessary.

Christmas in July


Sean and I have our own summer superhero movie blockbuster in the works.

Bebe Mosqueda Campbell is due July 25th.