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A few weeks ago, I saw a friend I’ve known since childhood. I noted that her 4+ year old son was a mini-me of her husband. She then showed me photos comparing her son and herself at similar ages and the resemblance was uncanny. I found it interesting how in one moment he looked exactly like his father and then at an earlier age he looked just like his mom.

Below are photos of Xavi as a newborn and then at 7 months contrasted with photos of Sean and I as babies. I’m not sure who he favors, but it’s neat to see little bits of our baby selves in our offspring.

Sean and Xavier as newborns

You can’t tell since Xavi is wearing a hat, but he had a full head of hair at birth just like Sean. He definitely took after his dad on that factor.

Lazy Saturdays, sorta

“You know, this is likely our last lazy Saturday morning doing nothing in bed together,” Sean said as we watched cartoons (Adventure Time and Justice League) following a late breakfast.

The past few weekends have been low key since we’re not making many plans, but earlier in the summer and spring we were driving around Southern California for family events and preparing for Meatball’s arrival.


Meme sings "Aprovéchate"

Waiting for Café Tacvba @vureno902 @seanathan

Sean and I met up with the cousins for Café Tacuba at the Glass House in Pomona. I’ve seen Café Tacuba a few times with Rene, but this was the first time I’ve been to a concert with Vanny and Junior. Rene represented us in the pit while the rest of caught the show from further back. Even before pre-pregnancy I wasn’t up for the craziness of the pit. Rubén, Meme, Joselo and Quique put on a great show. I’m happy I got to see them perform songs from the new album (favorites are “Olita del Altamar” and “Aprovéchate”) as well as my old favorites. Unfortunately, I left during the encore because I started feeling lightheaded and had another one of my dizzy spells.

Getting the bebe's room ready. #nesting #thirdtrimester #watchingpaintdry

Sean on furniture assembly duty

Still a work in progress, but almost ready


After choosing a color, Sean and I painted the nursery. He took the lead on putting together the furniture and other baby items we bought or were gifted. We’d been using the closet for storage.
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Number 36

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Thanks for giving me an excuse to post some more wedding photos.

The parents


I don’t know what song Fabiola is singing, but they seem to be enjoying it. In another photo, dad looks like he’s singing along. I bet he was.

Listening to the toast

Dad has the pose down.

Still no baby. Feeling fine.

Late winter in photos

It’s been a while since I’ve been a lazy blogger and done an Instagram photo dump and called it a post.

Taco Tuesday Tricolor

What a surprise. Even though I arranged my taco condiments in Mexican flag colors, the Mexico versus US World Cup qualifying match still ended in a draw. I thought that would do the trick. Nope.

What I saw before going to confession

This rainbow is located on the grounds of the Sony studios across from the church I attend weekly. I’ve never noticed it because I always entered on the east side. I found it fitting that I saw it last Wednesday, a day after I had a tough day and shortly before going to confession.

ZogSports scrimmage

Sean played ZogSports in New York. The league didn’t exist in LA until this season. Here he is explaining the rules to his new teammates.

Had to get a paleta de limón when the paletero passed by

I haven’t had any cravings in the traditional sense, but I do indulge in stuff more often. Normally, I’d let the paletero go by, but this time I had to flag him down for paleta de limón. It was the perfect refresher after a walk in the park.

Diddy Riese

I went on a walk to the farmer’s market and came back with cookies. I think I’m doing it wrong.

Should probably host a game night soon

I need to host a game night.

John Wooden statue outside the renovated Pauley Pavilion

Sometimes during lunch I like leaving campus to take a walk in the adjacent neighborhood. Other times I just go to parts of campus I never visit like “the hill” where the dorms are located. I passed the new-ish John Wooden statue on the way.

Mid November catch up

Día de los Muertos at Self Help Graphics

Enjoying Día de los Muertos at Self Help Graphics

I’m a little too lazy to make my own altar for my loved ones who have passed, instead I keep up a year round altar with photos of and unlit candles. Even though I’m not one for altar making, I do enjoy the imagery and the events surrounding November 1st and 2nd. It’s nice to see the community come out and artists put in lots of hard work to honor the dead.

They look like my grandparents

If I did make an altar, it’d probably look something like this since Grandma was a seamstress and Grandpa was a devotee to la Virgen de Guadalupe. I think next year I’ll make an altar in honor of my tío Johnny who passed away today. I’ll make sure it has a guitar, picks, running shoes and a Beatles record/CD or two.

Election Day

Ready with my sample ballot Sean votes

Sean and I voted early, but not often. The lines at my polling place were pretty long even at 7 am.

8 am line at my polling place

I know it would be easier to just do absentee ballots, but I usually wait until the last minute to read up on the various propositions. Plus, going to the polls means I get a sticker.

I vote

I watched election results at a party hosted by some friends. One is a political science professors and describes election day as her Super Bowl. The food was excellent as were the themed desserts.

Obama cupcakes

The guests went in on these cupcakes after MSNBC called the election for Obama.

Election night

Science time at ABRCMS in San Jose

I spent Wednesday through Sunday morning with a bunch of really smart students and my boss. We took 20 students in research programs to present their research at ABRCMS. All of our students did a great job in their poster or oral presentations; most won prizes. I got the chance to learn a little more about the problems in the STEM pipeline from a different point of view.


We stayed at the Fairmont. I liked the view from the hotel room as well as the toiletries in the bathroom.

Suit up fail

There were interesting sartorial choices and interpretations of professional attire.

Michael Eric Dyson spoke at ABRCMS

The last keynote address on Saturday was given by Michael Eric Dyson. I don’t get the hype around the guy and didn’t have high expectations. I’ve heard him described as a blowhard and more interested in hearing himself talk. The conference attendees, mainly minority college students ate it up. Perhaps if I was still 20-22 I’d be excited to hear a speaker at a professional conference quote Mos Def’s “Ms. Fat Booty” and suggest that someone should study the science behind the line “ass so fat that I could see it from the front.” I’m no longer in the target age demographic and was more annoyed that Dyson’s only mention of women or gender dynamics in science were limited to having a nice butt. It’s even more of an oversight if you consider that a majority of minority students are women, even in biomedical sciences. Still, he did have a gem or two and I can’t argue with this point:

Margarita + margherita pizza

When I was done conferencing on Friday, I hung out with Vanessa. It was great to catch up over margaritas — all should be served with Tajín on the rim! — and margherita pizza. I saw her at the wedding, but that was barely enough time to really talk.

San Jose International Airport

After three and a half days of conferencing, I was ready to go home on

Sunrise in San Jose

LACMA fieldtrip with Sean and Lori

Back in LA

It was a beautiful autumn day in LA and I had great views from my window seat. I love trying to spot the local landmarks like the Getty, UCLA, Dodger Stadium and even my own apartment/neighborhood.

Lori's first Father's Office burger

After Sean picked me up we had lunch with Lori at Father’s Office since she was in the area. I’m not sure she loved her first Father’s Office burger since it comes with caramelized onions.

Sean's new desk

After our late lunch, we goofed around in the furniture stores. Lori mentioned having never visited the lamppost sculpture at LACMA. We immediately changed that with a quick fieldtrip to the museum.

Lori's first visit to Urban Light at LACMA

Resnick Pavilion

Visiting the rock

The outdoor sculptures and patios at LACMA were busier than I’ve ever seen them (I usually go on weekday evenings). It made me wonder if freely accessible art in open(ish) spaces like Urban Light and Levitated Mass were the closest we come to public space in LA. Maybe.

Appreciating art

We clean up okay: Pro teaser photos

Sean and Cindy

A few days after the wedding Michael Fletcher, our photographer, posted a few teaser photos. Naturally, we can’t wait to see more.

It’s been nice reliving the wedding through photos friends and family posted on Facebook and Instagram. We didn’t shy away from incorporating social media into our wedding considering our history, the fact that Twitter played a role in our engagement, and we’ve both been blogging over 10 years. We encouraged our friends to post photos using the #bicoastalwedding hashtag for Instagram and created a Tumblr blog with the same name for them to share photos. It’s been fun to see what others captured and see what we may have missed, especially on the dance floor and in the photo booth.

Back to Mike and Soupy’s (second shooter) photos.

Sean’s friend, Phil Young, made customized Dunny’s for us using KidRobot’s Munny kit. We placed them on the entrance table rather than the cake. Phil did a great job, especially with Sean’s suit and glasses.

We took formal wedding party and couple photos in the church and at the Brea Community Center’s Art Garden. The latter was uncomfortable. It was way too hot to be outdoors (the high was 107), but we worked quickly in 20-30 minute chunks and took breaks indoors where the air conditioning was on full blast.

Can you tell the veil is upside down? We didn’t notice this until I was waiting to enter the church and fixed it just in time.

That bouquet got heavy. I think it was a little too big for me. Oh well, that’s what I get for not being more specific about what I wanted with the florist.


Sean took a Q&A approach to writing about the wedding. His first post, Love is the Answer, Part 1 is up.

All photos by Michael Fletcher.


First time I've seen a toddler not blow out someone else's candles.

Rene turned 29 and we celebrated with a small gathering. His nephew, D, was the first toddler I’ve ever seen who didn’t try to blow out another person’s candles.

Falling with style

Let the stroller dodging begin

The second field trip took me back to Disneyland. It was a long day, but I can’t complain about a free trip to Disneyland and California Adventure and comp time.

There's an inflatable banana in the pool

It’s been a hot summer. I hope all this heat stays in August. I stayed cool by wading around in the pool at my cousin’s new house. It worked, too bad my cousin doesn’t live closer.

Showing off his Jamaican pride @seanathan

Sean’s Jamaican pride really comes out during the Olympics.

Mom is back from the motherland. She brought candy.

My mom took off on a 10-day vacation/chaperoning trip to Zacatecas. She returned with candy, Santo Niño de Atocha trinkets and stories of all the security — plain-clothes and military — accompanying the entourage.

Less than flattering eyewear #science


I went on a biotech field trip for work. I was less impressed with the sophisticated machinery in the labs than the beauty of the campus and the cool recreation/sports facilities available.

Café Tacuba is down there somewhere. We had crappy seats.

Sean, Anel and I had crappy seats for el Reventón Super Estrella at Staples Center. I generally don’t like arena shows, but couldn’t pass up the chance to see Café Tacuba. I’m still bummed I missed Julieta Venegas who played much earlier than I expected. At least I got to meet Anel.

¡Vamos México! They better make waking up early worth it. #MEXvsBRA

More excitement: watching the Mexican men beat Brazil to earn Mexico’s first gold medal in the sport. This reminds me that I meant to write something about Ruben Navarrette’s column. Navarrette excoriated Leo Manzano for celebrating his 1500 meter silver medal by holding up both the US and Mexican flags. As you can guess, I wasn’t offended by Leo’s actions. Rather, I was touched by the gesture and his words acknowledging his roots. I could relate. I opted against a response because others wrote pretty good responses and I think the column was just trolling for pageviews. Navarrette seemed really excited by all the comments on the CNN piece and on his FB page.

At the annual blood drive in honor of my tío Joe's memory. I'm sure he's super proud of his children for all their work to plan this.

Tío Joe passed away two years ago. His lost is still felt, but he’s survived by an amazing family. I know my cousins are still making him proud. Christine, the youngest of the bunch took the lead on organizing the third annual blood drive in his honor. I couldn’t give blood, but Sean donated. The last few times I’ve given blood, it’s been with my tío Joe in mind.

Y que cada estrella fuese una flor / Y asi regalarte / Todo un racimo de estrellas #cafetacuba

Watching from way back. Too hot to be up close with the crowds. #cafetacuba

I found out about the Café Tacuba show at the Observatory in Anaheim a few weeks after I bought tickets for Reventón. If I would’ve known about the former, I would’ve skipped the arena show. Oh well. At least I had a better view for the second show even if I stayed way back by the bar. I can’t stand to be smushed by other fans. Plus, it was way too hot. I can’t wait for their new album. (I’ll post setlists soon. I’m lagging on this stuff.)

Bridal shower favors

Outfit for my bridal shower, matched the Tiffany blue and red color scheme

My sister, mom and cousins/bridesmaids did an amazing job planning and hosting my bridal shower. It was a fun evening, I just wish it was a little cooler. I tried to match the color scheme Lori picked.

Pick your toppings

I finally tried 800 Degrees in pizza in Westwood. I’m mad at myself for taking so long to go since the restaurant is so close and pizzas start at $5-6.

Post consult with a makeup artist

I met with a makeup artist to get a feel for wedding day makeup. I’m not using the same person (Evette) I used for the engagement shoot since she’s not available. Luckily, I liked the new makeup artist, Elisa. She was recommended by our planner. After I got done up, I tested out how the makeup would hold up throughout the day and dancing on a warm evening.

Watching DJ Anthony Valadez get the crowd worked up @anthonyvaladez

Sean and I took the Metro to Chinatown for the free Summer Nights event. We danced a bit to some live music (Buyepongo) before exploring the rest of the area. We ended up up at the KCRW dancefloor where DJ Anthony Valadez put on a great set.

The 10-week summer research programs come to an end this week. I coordinate the largest program, so this week was busy with events every day. One of the events was a poster session. Usually their descriptions just go over my head, but this time I tried to learn something.